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Classes Offered

About our classes. All class are designed to be taught in the classroom or in the field.  We prefer to do combination classes where a period of instruction is offered and then a hands on class to put it all together.  We can tailor any class to your needs

In Service Training.  We can develop a yearly training program for your department based on your needs.  A class development trainer will meet with your department and after a departmental interview, develop a plan that will put you where you need to be.  Traditionally Training Programs are developed over a three year cycle.  This allows for long range planning within the department.

Seminars.  Seminars are usually developed for a one or two day school locally or on a regional basis on the topics of your choice for fire and EMS. We will work with your personnel to develop the training you need and present it when you need it.

New Equipment Training.  Before new equipment is placed into service, proper training should be completed by all personnel.  Our training logs guarantee that your department personnel have been there and done that.  Whether it is new apparatus or a thermal imaging, we can handle it.

Exercise Development.  If your department is involved with county or regional exercises to satisfy grant requirements, let HOOT develop the training and the exercise.  This is a sure fire way to make sure that all participants know what the exercise is about and what they have to do to complete the task properly.

Current Trends: Many times, NFPA Standards change but we try to stay on top of them.  Firefighter safety is always a large topic and we're prepared to help you stay on top of firefighter safety including NFPA 1500, RIC training, and safety monitoring programs.

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