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McCartyville Training

Around 50 people attended the training conducted by HOOT for the Van Buren Twp (Shelby Co) Fire Department. There were around 10 instructors and helpers so each student had ample time to ask any questions and get them answered. This was a rare occasion to have an entire school building to use for fire training. Students had classes on Command and Control, forcible entry, entanglement, hose advancement, ventilation and then got a chance on Sunday afternoon to put it all together. Here are four pictures of the training, the haze was from a smoke machine. Look for more pics as soon as they get them to us. If u you click on the picture, it will enlarge.

Crews work through the haze of a smoke machine

The underneath of the stage was an excellent place for confined space training.
 The Gym in the old Sacred Heart School held smoke real well
Self preservation as a firefighter comes out the window and down.